Rev. Marcella Zinner, M.M.A.T.H.M. is a Professional Intuitive Counselor, Spiritual Educator, Medical Intuitive, Regression Therapist.

  • Pinpoint past traumas affecting current conditions – Pinpoint areas of current blockage or pain
  • Guidance for clearing physical/emotional blockages and patterns causing recurrent pain
  • Clearing the clouds of fear – Physical Issues
  • Clairvoyant insights about other people’s physical issues
  • Emotional aspects of physical manifestations

Medical Intuitive body scans to explore for blocks and imbalances in the body. A scan for difficult imbalances coming in. Also suggestions for alternative health care, supplements and other healing modalities. Energy aura chakra readings to explore the emotional energy one is carrying, what situations may need intuitive healing, and how this can be facilitated by an intuitive healer.

Marcella is available by appointments on Thursdays from 12-4 at sunlife pharmacy. Please call us to Make appointment 727-491 8300

Let us know if another time suits you. She is happy to accommodate you at your convenience.

You can read more about Marcella at