symptoms you need Oxygen Therapy

Do you know when

Oxygen Therapy might be necessary?

Let's dive into the signs that your body may need an extra breath of life.


breathless even at rest?

It could be a sign your body needs more oxygen.

Is fatigue

Becoming a constant companion?

Unexplained tiredness may signal a need for Oxygen Therapy. 

Notice a

Bluish tint in your lips or fingertips?

It's a clear indicator that your body may need additional oxygen. 

is your

heart racing without a clear reason?

An increased heart rate could be linked to insufficient oxygen levels.

Struggling with

Focus or memory lapses?

Inadequate oxygen can affect cognitive function. 

Chronic cough or wheezing may be more than just a respiratory issue. It could point to a need for Oxygen Therapy.

Unexplained swelling can be more than a circulation issue; it may be connected to oxygen levels.

If you recognize these symptoms, consult a healthcare professional like Sunlife Pharmacy to explore the benefits of Oxygen Therapy.