Your zoom custom life mentor interactive hour

In just one hour of interactive conversations with coaches, business leaders and ordinary people Dan has influenced championships, change life directions and contributed to extraordinary growth in multiple fields. If you have worked hard, and would welcome an outside review of how to crystallize the direction your heading in, Dan can offer his thoughts, individually to you.

Most of us have the talent, and as most of Dan’s clients have said, “ you pointed me in the right direction”. Dan helps you understand all your positives and stacks them, helps you see the momentum you already have, and encourages personal safety as part of your successful future.

Life is a long distance run, not a sprint. You will be able to see the successful distance you have ahead of you personally and professionally.

Dan has written Win Now For Life, Safety Talk between Parents and Teens, and A Fly on the Wall in the NHL, all short reads about life’s moments and how to consider those moments in the context of a long safe loving life.

Daniel C. Bryndle